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Form of Authority and Instruction for Count Court Judgements

Lender & Court Services Ltd.

  • Please complete this Form of Authority and Instruction so we can proceed with your case.

    You will be emailed a copy of your completed form for your records. 

  • Authority and Instruction

    I / We give full authority for Lender & Court Services Ltd to deal directly with the Claimant named above.

    I / We agree for Lender & Court Services Ltd to speak to you and deal with my case, and give them full authority to discuss my case with you.

    I / We agree that Lender & Court Services Ltd may forward copies of all the documentation we have provided in support of our case.

    I / We allow you to discuss with Lender & Court Services the full details of the matter and supply them with copies of any documents they request directly from you to them.

  • Signing the Form

    To sign this form, you can simply draw your signature, using your computer mouse or trackpad, or using your finger on your phone or tablet.