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Customer Reviews

Great service

I contacted Lender and Court Services when a CCj was registered against a client when it should not have been. They assessed the situation and advised the best course of action and then facilitated the paperwork. Fee was as quoted with no hidden/extra costs. Would recommend.

CCJ Removal Service

Big thanks guys help me get my life back on track

Overall well impressed they all ways phoned me help me in every way and even when I won the court case they still phoned me to c if everything was ok . So would recommend lender and court to everyone . Big thanks guys help me get my life back on track .

CCJ Removal Service

Fast, efficient and effective

I regularly check my credit score using Clearscore and just before Christmas I noticed that my score had more than halved..!! I did some digging and found out that I had been issued a CCJ that I knew absolutely nothing about. All correspondence had been sent to an old address and it was in respect of an unpaid parking ticket that I did not even know that I had been issued. I contacted Lender and Court and they gave me some really good advice and told me what my options were and whether they thought I had a good case or not to get my judgement set aside. The person I dealt with at L&C was great, a real friendly guy and very knowledgeable in this field. He kept me well informed all throughout the process and other than me having to sign a few forms he took care of everything. The parking company agreed to set aside the judgement by consent as they agreed that I had moved and had never received the notifications or court summons. I had to pay L&C’s fees, the outstanding monies to the parking company and £100 in court costs but it was more than worth it to get the CCJ removed and my credit score back to where it should be. I would definitely recommend Lender and Court if you feel you have been wrongly issued a CCJ.


CCJ Removal Service

What an amazing company

I cannot thank lender and court services enough.
Obviously it is very scary finding out you have a ccj and no knowledge.
I contacted lender and court services as to help me with this and they were fantastic.
I had a guy who was there at my beck and call he has walked me through the whole process given me advice when i needed it and also done all the work for me which was brilliant.
I had my court date 15th february to set my ccj aside and i won, all thanks to him.
I couldnt of done this without lender and court
Once again thank you for all that you have done for me.

CCJ Removal Service

Fantastic service, really pleased

Although my case turned out to be a bit messy, the team at lender & court services went above and beyond what they had to do to get my cases sorted. We were messed about a bit by the court administration service but I felt fully supported by the team.
I would recommend lender & court services to anyone who needs to apply to have a CCJ set aside, they did a fantastic job for me and got me the desired outcome. But be prepared for a long wait from the court to deal with you.


CCJ Removal Service
Paul Brinklow

Did exactly what they said would do… were great

Just want to thank you and your team, for helping me through this. I don’t think I had the easiest of cases but you were always accessible and responsive to my phone calls, emails. You were also patient with my questions, which is exactly what someone needs when they are stressed out about something they don’t quite understand how to navigate.

I wish other companies had your customer service.

My fine was excessive and my treatment unjust for a parking violation company who had not followed procedures and I therefore had no idea what they were planning.

You have helped me because, not only was the result positive, you gave me hope throughout the process. Although this has cost me a lot of money, the fine, your fee and the court payment, I feel like a weight has been lifted. Thank you so much.

I’m sure I will be able to get the mortgage I want now.

CCJ Removal Service

Would recommend them to anybody

I obtained a CCJ for parking in MACCLESFIELD car park with parking eye. I moved house and did not receive the court order and so this was a shock for me when applying for credit.
Lender and court services were very knowledgable and were able to advise me on a simple process to get the CCJ removed. It was successful and well worth the money. My credit score is now in the excellent category again over 900 and I can now move forward with my life because of their knowledge and expertise. Would recommend them to anybody looking to remove CCJs from their credit file.

CCJ Removal Service

Fantastic, efficient and reliable

my experience with lenders & court services were fantastic, i contacted them when i had a ccj on my file which i was unaware of due to a parking ticket which was sent to my previous address, i got in touch with this company and they were so efficient and reliable in regards to putting a case together which resulted in my ccj being set aside. every time i would email them for an update they would respond in detail and call me regularly to let me know the progress.

CCJ Removal Service

Justice is served…

I had been done a wrong doing by a firm of solicitors who were collecting money on behalf of their client. I received a County Court Claim form from the solicitors and called them and made an arrangement with them to pay the debt in instalments. They told me that no further action would be taken as long as I kept up the payments, 2 days later a CCJ arrived. I called the firm of solicitors who told me unless I could pay in full “there was nothing they could do for me”.
I have since paid off the debt over a period, however I still felt very let down by the solicitors who I made arrangement with. I made the decision to do something about it.

The most difficult thing is pick-up the phone, and this is where I was very happy I choose to call Lender & Court Services. My point of Contact was a gentleman who listened to me and made me feel calm and agreed that I had been treated unfairly. This man then explained the process in detail to me and I decided to go-ahead and hire the services of Lender & Court Service to help me reach my ultimate goal of righting the wrong that had been done to me and getting the CCJ set aside.

To cut a long story short, after a couple of month back and forth with solicitors, we ended up in court. I was represented by a great chap who fought my corner like his like was dependant on it, and we got the result that was deserved (the CCJ getting set aside).

I would like to thank all the people who helped me for all the hard work they put in on my behalf.

I would highly recommend the team, and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

CCJ Removal Service

Great prompt, informative & extremely useful help offered

Phoned this company for advice needed quickly-they sorted through what needed to be done & offered great advice which led to a positive result for me. If I need to re-address my problem – I won’t hesitate to contact them again.

Stop Repossession Service

I cannot thank the company enough

Hi my name is Lisa White I’ve spoken to Luke at Lender & Court Services. I just want to express my sincere gratitude for all the help I was given with dealing with my Repossession. Without Luke’s help I have no idea what I would have done, where I would have turned. The help that he gave me was just amazing. It helped me prepare to take on my mortgage company and not be repossessed. He also helped me with my first ever court appearance regarding a repossession. I cannot thank the company enough and most definitely Luke, I am indebted to you. Thank you so much it has been much appreciated everything you have done for me. Thank you.

Stop Repossession Service
Lisa White

Very, very friendly and very, very helpful

I had a week to go before the eviction on my property, I spoke to Lender & Court Services and with less than a week they rallied around to sort paperwork and got somebody to represent me at court with me. It was suspended. Very economical, they even helped me stagger my payments. Very, very friendly and very, very helpful. Recommend them to anybody and they do help.

Stop Repossession Service
Chris Scarborough

Many thanks yet again, well worth every penny

A big thank you to Luke and all of the team. We have literally just come out of court and won our case. I don’t think we could have done it without Lender & Court Services and without Luke and his team. We needed a Solicitor there and that Solicitor was provided within the cost which in the overall scheme of things was very cost effective, without that we would have lost our house for sure. The Claimant, Northern Rock, their Solicitor was underhand and without a representative speaking on our behalf, and the points of law, I don’t think we would have won our situation so it was really important to have a Solicitor. Another word of advice would be to anybody going through this situation is not to try and do it yourself and to get some expert advice from people who have got the experience in this situation. Also when you are dealing with your mortgage company to keep a note of every time you speak with someone, noting the time, date, who you spoke to and what was said because in the court case we had the Claimant, Northern Rock, trying to say that they hadn’t received many documents which was not true. Good word of advice, go with Lender & Court Services and get expert advice and hopefully you will win your case as we did. Many, many thanks as it really was to the bone and we would have been looking for a cardboard box. So many thanks yet again, well worth every penny.

Stop Repossession Service

No hesitation recommending

]I’m calling regarding the service Lender & Court Services gave us, it was very much appreciated, it saved us at the end of the day and would have no hesitation recommending Lender & Court Services to others. Thanks again for the help and support.

Stop Repossession Service
Mrs Stokes

Very much appreciated to have someone there to hold my hand in court

You have originally helped me our with regard to the case of repossession. I would like to give thanks for that it was very much appreciated to have someone there to hold my hand in court. The service was really good and would recommend it to people in the future. Thank you very much.

Stop Repossession Service

They are quite extraordinary, they are thorough, meticulous and they win!

A short message for Luke Memory and Lender & Court Services, he was incredible, I have had a few weeks of complete hell thinking that I was going to lose my home. Luke and the team were amazingly patient and always polite even with a completely hysterical woman on the end of the phone. We went to court and we won, the Lawyer who came with me was absolutely fabulous and again incredibly patient and incredibly kind and knew exactly what she was doing. I cannot recommend these guys more highly and am now sitting here on the day I was nearly evicted thinking I still have my home and my belongings and I’m safe. This is completely down to Lender & Court Services and Luke and my lawyer in court They are quite extraordinary, they are thorough, meticulous and they win! I could not recommend them more highly for their professionalism, their meticulous detail and for winning. They are very kind people and very good at hand holding.

Stop Repossession Service
Lake District

They took away the stress and the worry and were very knowledgeable about the law

I recently used the services of Lender & Court Services. My arrears came about after a short spell of illness and my husband was made redundant. A repossession order was issued in March 2010 and in July of this year however I received an eviction notice after my mortgage company said that I had failed to keep to the conditions of the suspended order. Contacting Lender & Court Services was the best thing I ever did, they took away the stress and the worry and were very knowledgeable about the law. They stood in my corner supplying me with a good Solicitor and we won the case. I am fighting for costs and compensation as my mortgage company broke quite a few rules. A very big thank you to Luke at Lender & Court Services and all the people that helped me.

Stop Repossession Service

I was a bit anxious beforehand but everything went very well through your help

I just want to thank Luke and his colleagues for today’s work. I had to go to Court down in Brighton, I couldn’t think of a smoother day, I was a bit anxious beforehand but everything went very well through your help. Thank you very much, it’s much appreciated.

Stop Repossession Service
Mrs C.

I can only once again say thanks to Luke and his team and what an excellent service

This is a message to say how impressed I was of the service offered by Luke and Lender & Court Services. They organised a solicitor within a few hours notice to attend my eviction notice at the court, the solicitor was incredibly efficient and she had a really good grasp of the situation and the comments and information she managed to get to the Judge were quite favourable and got the result today regarding the possession warrant. I can only once again say thanks to Luke and his team and what an excellent service.

Stop Repossession Service
Mr. K.

Your company in effect took away all of my worries

5 months ago I employed Lender & Court Services to help me with a difficult Creditor who was threatening repossession. After 5 months you capably dealt with the problem and a compromise has been found. I found the companies service to be fully professional and good value too. Your company in effect took away all of my worries about the difficult Creditor I had and dealt directly with the Creditor instead of me, taking all the worry off my shoulders. Any queries I had were promptly and politely answered and as my advisor said he could be contacted at literally any time and of course in this situation people do have the need to contact you at any time. The case was brought to a satisfactory conclusion by Lender & Court Services Repossessions by agreeing a compromise with the Creditor whereby repossession was avoided. All in all I was very satisfied indeed, thank you.

Stop Repossession Service
Mr. H.

You really are the best, you saved my home

I used Lender & Court Services and have to say that you really are the best, you saved my home in just a few days from my property being repossessed. I recommend that everyone uses this service and you don’t need to look back. They will do their job as it says and recommend Lender & Court Services to anyone who is looking to save their home.

Stop Repossession Service

Very efficient, very sympathetic, a very good team

We have just got a judgment in our favour thanks to Lender & Court Services, they are very efficient, very sympathetic, a very good team. They kept us reassured all the way through, helped us a lot and are really grateful.

Stop Repossession Service

Basically I think you’re magic. Absolute magic.

Yeah hi Luke, my name is Phillip Thomas. You helped us in court today. Basically I think you’re magic. Absolute magic. If anyone ever has got a problem, they should call you.

The fees you charge are affordable and the …work…. That you do is extraordinary. Fore so the barrister that you used or the solicitor which you used are you know he’s just top class. We are very very grateful. You did everything in court we didn’t need to ask anyone. I’ll be a reference.

Today you stopped a £25,000 in possession so I mean that speaks for itself and its the ninth time I’ve been to court and its the first time I’ve used you. As far as I’m concerned your top class if ever any ever you want give a reference my names Philip Thomas you’ve got my details Luke. You are absolutely top class. Thanks very much. Thank you very very much in fact, bye.

Stop Repossession Service
Philip Thomas

Was very impressed with the service

Hi there my names Mr. Quinn from Bradford. I’d just like to say thank you very much to Lender & Court for helping me recently. In court I was very unsure of what to do. Went on their website, spoke to Luke and even spoke to him over a over a weekend erm and he was very helpful as this was all last minute. We arranged to see a solicitor who met us in court before the proceedings and errm we got everything settled acc amicably so myself was very impressed with the service that would recommend it to anybody else. Thank you, bye.

Stop Repossession Service
Mr. Quinn

Really waylaid the fears and anxiety I had regarding the whole situation

My first dealings with Lender & Court Services Ltd were with Luke Memory who re-assured me with a clear and transparency of what his company could do for me and what they would do for me, which they followed up to the letter, stopping the actual repossession of my flat at the court hearing with good representation and essentially agreeing payment of the arrears on a monthly basis and really waylaid the fears and anxiety I had regarding the whole situation, which I found quite distasteful right from the start and I do thank Lender & Court Services Ltd, Luke Memory in particular and my consultant, Perri Sowe and all those who I had contact with, I thank you kindly.

Stop Repossession Service
Mr. B.

We were in absolute turmoil and fortunately we found your website

Hi, I just wanted to say a very big thank you to Lender & Court Services for helping my husband and I through a very difficult time, we were in absolute turmoil and fortunately we found your website. The help that Lender & Court Services particularly Phil and Perri gave was invaluable in helping us keep our home. Thank you so much and I wouldn’t hesitate at all in recommending Lender & Court Services to people who were going through similar difficulties.


Stop Repossession Service
Mrs. T.

Thank God I found your advert

Invaluable at a very stressful time. Every time I spoke to you (Lender & Court Services) my mind was put at rest. Thank God I found your advert, but I think you should run your advert in more papers as there are more people out there that have got the same problems but will not be as lucky as I was in finding yourselves. Thank you for saving my home.

Stop Repossession Service
Mrs. O.

We wouldn’t have had a clue

If we’d had to represent ourselves in court we wouldn’t have had a clue.

Stop Repossession Service
Mr. and Mrs. L.

I’ve kept my home and future because of Lender & Court Services

Without Lender & Court Services I would have lost my home, they acted so quickly they only had 3 days to help me. I’ve kept my home and future because of Lender & Court Services and I would recommend them to everyone who needed help like me. The service was excellent, quick, efficient, and professional. This was my family home and I will always be grateful to everyone at Lender & Court Services, and the solicitors they appointed, as I still have my family home.

Stop Repossession Service
Mr. A.

I would recommend you to anyone who asked

I would like to say a very Big Thank You. The person who represented us in court was great. He made you feel at ease. I would recommend you (Lender & Court Services) to anyone who asked.

Stop Repossession Service
Mr. H.

With their advice and assistance… me and my family are still living within our home

Lender & Court Services turned a bad situation good for me and my family. With their advice and assistance with our mortgage arrears me and my family are still living within our home with an affordable monthly payment plan and worked hard to achieve this. Lender & Court Services guided us through the process to ensure that we remained living in our home. I would definitely recommend Lender & Court Services to anyone that is having difficulty paying their mortgage or falling into arrears.

Stop Repossession Service
Mrs. H.

They sorted my problem and I recommend them highly

Excellent Service with professional advice Court Representative was prepared to listen and thought carefully about her approach to the case. It was “touch and go” due to very late approach by me to Lender & Court Services — If I’d got in touch sooner I would have been more confident on the day. However, they sorted my problem and I recommend them highly.

Stop Repossession Service
Mr. G.

Would definitely recommend your company to anyone facing similar problems

Thank you so much for all of your help and advice, I can’t believe I contacted you only one day before my court hearing and two days before the eviction date, in this short time you were able to appoint a solicitor to represent me at the hearing and complete an income and expenditure form to show to the courts and provide a solution to my mortgage company towards clearing the arrears, which resulted in the eviction being suspended. I cannot thank you enough and would definitely recommend your company to anyone facing similar problems.

Stop Repossession Service
Mrs. V.

I have no idea what I would have done without the advice and total support throughout a very stressful time

Laura and Georgia have been absolutely fantastic; I have no idea what I would have done without the advice and total support throughout a very stressful time. David, my representative did a fantastic job – it wasn’t an easy case but we came out on a very positive note. Every time I spoke to Laura and Georgia they would always know what to say to make my day better and to make me smile. I would just like to thank Laura, Georgia and David for being so understanding, supportive and non-judgemental – I highly recommend Lender & Court Services.

Stop Repossession Service
Mrs. B.

Our situation was transformed from despair to hope within 7 days

Our situation was transformed from despair to hope within 7 days. Faiza, our Adviser was great and kept us informed at least on a daily basis. She helped us to restructure our finances and negotiated a plan with the Bank’s solicitors that satisfied them, and the repossession was stopped. We know that we have to keep up the payments, but we know what we have to do to do that, and our mortgage will be paid in 71 months. As a Christian I believe that no situation is irredeemable or hopeless. Though they are not a Christian Organisation, Lender & Court Services believe the same about your repossession situation, so if you feel hopeless and helpless, call them today, then you can start to feel hopeful again and that all is not lost, there is a way through.

Stop Repossession Service
Rev. Glyn and Mrs Jose