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If you are looking to instruct a Barrister, then we are well placed to assist you in selecting the right Barrister for your case.


Over the years we have developed a network of experienced counsel that specialise in Civil Litigation matters. If you require a Barrister, we can help you select the right Barrister for your case.

Benefits of Using Our Services

Save Time Searching for the Right Barrister for Your Case

Our service appeals to those who do not have the time to search the Web and make lots of phone calls to Barristers, only to be told that they cannot cover the case, or they do not practice in the area of law that you need advice on, and cannot give advice or provide a legal opinion. 

Once we have taken some basic details from you regarding your case, we often know the best two or three people to speak with and can make a recommendation quickly.

Access to a Wider Selection of Barristers

We can arrange court representationIf you were looking to instruct a Barrister directly, they would have to be a “Direct Access Barrister”. However, because Lender & Court Services Ltd is Licensed by the Bar Standards Board, who are the regulatory body for Barristers in England and Wales, we are able to  select any Barrister to act on your behalf. By using our service you have access to a far wider range of Barristers, and have a greater chance of finding a Barrister who is experienced in handling your kind of case and can represent you.

Save Money on Fees

“Direct Access Barristers” charge a higher rate because they are relatively few and far between, and they are required to pass additional exams to deal directly with the public. By using our services, we can help you select any Barrister, not just Direct Access Barristers, and you can potentially avoid paying higher fees.

Support for You and your Barrister

CCJ: We provide a full case assessmentWe don’t just help you select the right Barrister. We talk to Barristers daily and have lots of experience with them. And of course we talk to lots of clients too. So we are ideally placed to support you and the Barrister throughout the process.

Before embarking on legal action, you must firstly assess your prospect of success. All too often we have seen many clients come to us who have previously instructed expensive solicitors that have achieved little and cost a fortune when it was clear the case had no prospect of success.

Lender & Court Services Ltd are members of the Civil Mediation Council and we will always explore if there is any option to mediate between parties prior to Court action as this can be costly.

Our network of Barristers specialises in the following most common areas of Law

Property Law

  • Possession Claims
  • Expired Mortgages
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes
  • All Money Charges Disputes
  • Second Changes
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Bridging Facilities
  • Restrictions

Professional Negligence

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Medical Professionals

Business & Commercial Law

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Contract Law

High Court Matters

  • Injunctions
  • High Court Enforcement
  • Bankruptcy

Personal Advice & Representation

  • Civil Disputes
  • Court Proceedings
  • Enforcement Action

Lender & Court Barrister Service Enquiry

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Complex Case Specialists

Lender & Court Services have a vast experience of all types of cases and especially complex cases that require a higher level of service. We can also deliver a bespoke service for company Directors for their own personal issues or for Judgements that are registered against their businesses. If you want your case to be prioritised and handled by our most senior and experienced people, we can talk to you about our premium level service. This enables us to allow more time on your case and be at hand if you have any queries of questions. This service is especially useful if you have a time sensitive case, or if your case needs to be dealt with on an extremely urgent basis.

What Happens Next?

Once we have spoken with you about your case, if you are happy with our recommendation the process will usually start with a conference with your Barrister at our London Office to discuss your case and the merits of success. This will also give you the opportunity to meet with your Barrister face-to-face, and provide them with the background to your case, along with any papers that you feel are relevant to your case.

Our London Office is at 5 Chancery Lane, WC2A 1LG, only a 5-minute walk from the Royal Courts of Justice and the Rolls Buildings, which is the High Court that deals with most high level civil litigation cases.


We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of service

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