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At Lender & Court Services we understand business needs and time pressure and how a wrongly issued CCJ can have a serious impact on your business. We have helped many business owners to resolve such problems. Unravelling a CCJ that is registered against your business can be complex and time consuming, it can also be contentious especially if there is a long standing business disagreement.

Business CCJ Services

We provide a full legal case assessment

We will assess your case and examine how the CCJ came to be registered against your business and why you were not informed about it. If the papers for this debt were served on your previous business address or your accountants address or mail handling service then you may not have received the Court Documents and been given a County Court Judgement “in default” this is because you have not replied to the court claim. If this is the case we can help you to make an application to set aside the County Court Judgement until the debt is either paid or formally disputed.

We can assist with court paperwork and evidence

CCJ We will remove the worryWe can assign one of our experienced paralegals to your file and they will help to draft the required application in a legally correct format. They also help you to collate the required evidence to demonstrate that the CCJ should be set-aside on the correct legal grounds. The court application looks like a simple form and it is, if you know what you are doing. However, it is highly advisable to get some legal assistance, advice and guidance as if you make an application that is incorrect it is likely to be dismissed and then it will be far more difficult and perhaps costly to go back to the court again.

We will talk to the Claimant

In some cases, where required and if we have time we will speak to the claimant or their solicitors to establish the basis of the claim and the timescales as to when the claim was made, what it was for and why they made a claim in court. Subject to the service level that you opt for we will try and negotiate that the claimant will agree for the Court Judgement to be set aside whilst we are helping you to resolve the issue of the actual claim.

We can arrange court representation

Lender & Court can arrange legal representationOnce you have sent your information back to us, we will assess your case and advise you the likely prospect of your CCJ being removed. If you would like more information about our services we will send you details of our charges and our terms and conditions before you make any payment or proceed with the service. We are Licensed and Qualified team of experienced paralegals and such we can also arrange court representation via our network of Court Advocates. We are also Licensed by the Bar Standards Board and able to instruct a Barrister to attend court should your case be complex and require that extra level of care and attention to detail.

We take action to successfully remove your CCJ

  • Assess your Legal Case regarding your CCJ
  • Write to the Court to find out about your CCJ
  • Contact the Claimant and confirm the details of the CCJ
  • Contact the Claimant and attempt to agree a Consent Order
  • If required, provide a Court Application and ensure it is Legally Correct

  • Help to prepare and present any required Evidence
  • If a Court Hearing is required, we can arrange a Barrister
  • We will keep you posted every step of the way
  • Our telephone support line is open 9.00am -5.30pm Mon-Sat
  • We will do all we can to successfully set-aside your CCJ

Big thanks guys help me get my life back on track

Overall well impressed they all ways phoned me help me in every way and even when I won the court case they still phoned me to c if everything was ok . So would recommend lender and court to everyone . Big thanks guys help me get my life back on track .


Did exactly what they said would do… were great

Just want to thank you and your team, for helping me through this. I don’t think I had the easiest of cases but you were always accessible and responsive to my phone calls, emails. You were also patient with my questions, which is exactly what someone needs when they are stressed out about something they… Read more “Did exactly what they said would do… were great”


Fantastic service, really pleased

Although my case turned out to be a bit messy, the team at lender & court services went above and beyond what they had to do to get my cases sorted. We were messed about a bit by the court administration service but I felt fully supported by the team. I would recommend lender &… Read more “Fantastic service, really pleased”

Paul Brinklow

What an amazing company

I cannot thank lender and court services enough. Obviously it is very scary finding out you have a ccj and no knowledge. I contacted lender and court services as to help me with this and they were fantastic. I had a guy who was there at my beck and call he has walked me through… Read more “What an amazing company”


Fantastic, efficient and reliable

my experience with lenders & court services were fantastic, i contacted them when i had a ccj on my file which i was unaware of due to a parking ticket which was sent to my previous address, i got in touch with this company and they were so efficient and reliable in regards to putting… Read more “Fantastic, efficient and reliable”


Would recommend them to anybody

I obtained a CCJ for parking in MACCLESFIELD car park with parking eye. I moved house and did not receive the court order and so this was a shock for me when applying for credit. Lender and court services were very knowledgable and were able to advise me on a simple process to get the… Read more “Would recommend them to anybody”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a County Court Judgement (CCJ)?

This is a Judgement that a County Court Judge makes when someone has failed to pay money they owe to another party. The process starts by the claimant making a claim to the court and the court will then send you, the defendant, the claim and ask for you to either, admit that you owe the money and pay the claim in full, admit to part or some of the claim or defend the claim if you think that you do not owe the money at all. Whatever you decide to do – you must respond in 14 days.

How do I deal with a Court Claim made against me?

If you agree that you owe the money even once a Judgement is made if you pay the debt within 30 days then there is no record of the action that has been taken recorded on your credit file and you will not have get a CCJ.

If you don’t reply to the court papers in the 14 days allowed, or don’t receive them, and such cannot reply, then a Judgement will be issued against you. If you have a CCJ registered against you and don’t pay an order can be made to take money out of your wages, A charge can be put on your property, your bank accounts can be frozen and bailiffs can be sent to your home to collect the money or goods to the value of the claim and the extra costs, charges and default interest.

A CCJ is also put on your credit file for six years warning banks and financial institutions that you have a history of debt. If you have an unpaid CCJ it will be virtually impossible for you to get a Mortgage, Credit Card, Car Finance or a Loan, especially from a high street provider and you would be forced to use a more “subprime” lender and even if this is available it will cost you much, much more for any credit that you obtain.

How do I find Out if I have a CCJ?

When someone makes a County Court Claim against you, you will be sent a Claim Form which explains how much the person is claiming and why they are taking the action, this is called “Particulars of Claim”.

You must respond the court papers in 14 days as if you do not then the court will issue a “Default Judgement” as essentially the court will believe the claimant without hearing your side of the issue.

There many cases, where you have discovered that you have a CCJ and did not receive the original paperwork and a Default Judgement has been made where you can make an application to the court to set-aside the judgement. This doesn’t mean that the matter is closed, it simply means that the claimant has to start the process again, should they wish to.

The way to find out if you have a CCJ is to check your credit file, there are a number of services available online to check this such as Equifax, Experian, or Noddle. This is the first step to checking what is registered against you and we would need to see this in order to help you.

How do I remove my CCJ?

Once you discover that you have a CCJ you need to act promptly. You can apply to the court to have a CCJ set-aside and the Court Fee is £255. This is the correct process if the CCJ was entered onto your credit file incorrectly, for example that you did never owed the money and you can prove it. Other reasons may be that the papers were sent to an old address and you never had the chance to defend, pay, or deal with the claim.

Remember that if a CCJ is set-aside due to failure of service in that you did not receive the papers from court and if you are successful the court will automatically remove the CCJ. However, that might not be the end of the problem as the person who made the claim may wish to re-issue proceedings to recover the debt, so you need to either have a defence to the claim or be prepared to pay the original debt in order for the matter to be concluded once and for all.

Can I view your Terms and Conditions?

Of course. You can view our Terms and Conditions by following THIS LINK (the page will open in a new tab on your browser).

Who are Lender & Court and How Can They Help Me?

Our Head Office is based in Timperley in South Manchester, with Manchester Airport and junction 19 of the M6 10 minutes away. The Lender & Court Team offer a national service and as a team we have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with court procedure.

Have you discovered that you have a CCJ you knew nothing about? Did you not receive the court papers? Were they sent to an old or wrong address? If so we can help, Call the team now for a free review of your case on 0345 548 4345 and get your CCJ Removed.


Complex Case Specialists

We provide a full case assessment of your CCJLender & Court Services have a vast experience of all types of cases and especially complex cases that require a higher level of service. We can also deliver a bespoke service for company Directors for their own personal issues or for Judgements that are registered against their businesses. If you want your case to be prioritised and handled by our most senior and experienced people, we can talk to you about our premium level service. This enables us to allow more time on your case and be at hand if you have any queries of questions. This service is especially useful if you have a time sensitive case, or if your case needs to be dealt with on an extremely urgent basis.


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